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Good product means
good business

Your product should be helping users, working smoothly and look great. Your product should also make money, that why we can share our specialist knowledge to help you achieve your business targets.

Our specialty

IT Technology

Thanks to our knowledge and experience we are able to approach the realisation of your IT idea in a complex manner. No matter what IT solutions you require, we will ALWAYS find a solution. We always consider the end game, that’s why we deliver our projects on a turnkey basis, all you need to say is “Execute!”.

Web applications

We concentrate on web applications, based on RWD concept (responsive web design), with one damn fine UX. If you require anything else – thanks to our numerous subcontractors and partners – we are able to make every wild dream happen, even if it requires: mobile, VR/AR, SEO, testing or security.


This is a brand new field, based on its own rules, regulations and principles, totally different from traditional businesses. We don’t need to be told about issues concerning business models, investment, monetisation methods and marketing strategies for new IT products. We are in love with them and develop software having in mind its business viability.


We take care of our applications in various ways. We maintain it, we ensure its smooth work and optimise based on data gathering process. All this is necessary so we can guarantee that our clients’ applications are always ready for the toughest challenges ahead. We also advise on how to change the existing data into a source of additional income.

Our products

We like complex action, that’s why we offer support in all the stages of product life cycle.


Idea analysis

Production of IT solutions

System maintenance

Data analysis

remuneration methods

We use different remuneration methods,
you will surely find something that suits your needs.

Time & Materials

This is our basic remuneration method, based on a simple periodic payments for competed works/time spent on work/time spent according to set rates. This method works well in large projects, where it is difficult to determine the entire scope of work and time.

Fixed price

If we are working on a simple solution and scope determination does not involve a level of uncertainty, we can offer a fixed price on our client’s demand, taking all the operations risk on us.

Who is our
offer for?


Tworzysz produkt w Internecie i widzisz, że prace nad nim nie idą tak, jak powinne? Daj nam możliwość rzucenia okiem na Twoje problemy. Przeprowadzimy audyt biznesowy i technologiczny, aby obiektywnie ocenić, jakie rozwiązania wchodzą w grę.

Tradycyjni przedsiębiorcy

Masz tradycyjny biznes, w którym wszystko idzie dobrze, ale czujesz, że pora wskoczyć na kolejny poziom i uciec swojej konkurencji? Może masz pomysł na innowację, ale nie wiesz, jak się do tego zabrać? Jesteśmy po to, aby dać Ci wsparcie, jakiego potrzebujesz.


Szukasz nowej drogi w wytwarzaniu zwinnych projektów IT? A może organizacja nie nadąża za Twoimi innowacyjnymi pomysłami? Masz plan, jak skutecznie odskoczyć konkurencji? Zadzwoń do nas. My wiemy, jak to zrobić.

Innowatorzy i wizjonerzy

Jesteś specjalistą w swojej dziedzinie i chcesz swoją wiedzę przekuć w nowy produkt? Zbudujemy plan i zakres wymaganych prac do wersji POC (Proof of Concept), MVP (Minimum Viable Product) oraz wycenimy inwestycję w projekt docelowy.

Now you know what we do.

Let’s take it one step further!

We begin from a thorough
idea analysis

Before we get on to coding we must have everything optimally planned and documented. This constitutes the basis of understanding the business idea – both from ours and client’s perspective.

We use
proven methodologies

We reach for tools created for simple and fast
verification of business ideas. We use Sprint Design analysis when assessing a business idea.

Google Ventures
Event Storming
Business Model Canvas

What does
the business analysis

Product workshop

Working out the ideas from business and project perspective, finalised by a complete Pitch Deck for the investor as well as Product Backlog for the producer.

Technological Audit

Assessing the current and recommending additional technological solutions.

System maintenance
is a real work of art

Creating the product is just the beginning of the internet business. The real effort begins after the application is released. We deliver full system service – so you don’t have to worry about all technical issues – overloading, security, online visibility (SEO) and traffic analysis.

What does
the system maintenance


We adjust the application for the set needs of scaling while considering the business processes and their optimisation.

Service & Maintanance

We ensure the constant functioning of the service at all conditions, especially taking care of security, efficiency and optimisation in terms of visibility on the internet.

We offer complex creation of
IT solutions

Our experienced team of developers transforms the client’s idea into a product. We develop the product in Agile Scrum and Lean methodology, which enables us to constantly cooperate and optimise the investment from business perspective.

What does the creation of
IT solution

Proof of Concept

We asses the viability of the idea and create a prototype of a solution to present it to potential users and investors.

Minimum Viable Product

Using the minimum of time and resources, we are able to create a fully valuable product, in order to check if it creates any interest for the end users.

Market Ready

We create the complete commercial version of your product, with all planned functions and fully adjusted for scaling.

We optimise on the grounds of
data analysis

The app has an amazing feature – it generates an enormous amount of data, which can be used to create information for process optimising. This can also serve as a source of additional income.

What does
data analysis

Data warehouses

Budujemy model analityczny Twojego biznesu - system monitoringu, który pomaga optymalizować biznes w oparciu o najświeższe dane.

Marketing monitoring

Your applications come with a complete and custom reporting based on proven traffic analysis tools (ex. Google Analytics).

Business Intelligence

We specialise in preparing custom reporting on the basis of collected data.

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