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IT Specialist for
best startups

We create your dream web applications and help start-ups reach success based on our experience, technical and business knowledge.

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We focus on
a comprehensive action

We support our clients in every phase of start-up life – from idea up to scaling and optimising.


Idea analysis

We transform your idea into a business concept ready for realisation

Production of IT solutions

We create bespoke IT systems,
On time and always within budget

Systems maintenance

We deliver full service at
one spot

Data analysis

We analyse data insightfully,
To optimise your business

We always play fair

Working with passion and commitment which brings us to solving any problems
that our clients have, as if they were our own.

  • 1We treat our clients the way we want to be treated.
  • 2We deliver what we promise. Our word is our bond!
  • 3We value long-term and honest cooperation above short-term profits.

We have our own
work philosphy

Having a wide range of competences, we are able to choose those essential to fully realise the business targets of our clients. By creating the dream web applications, we constantly track the latest trends and use only the most reliable methods, technologies and tools.


We realise numerous
fascinating projects

Each of them is special for us. We approach each of them individually,
to fully satisfy the needs of our clients.

We surround ourselves with
the best specialists

We don’t think we know it all, that’s why we love cooperation.
We do believe that 2 plus 2 can make 5.

It’s cool here, right?

Time for the next step!